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Salient – The multipurpose WordPress theme for website creation

It goes without saying that a site is nothing without its content, which, when interesting, increases visitors. However, one can only admit the importance of the graphic structure of any site. The form being the first contact, it has the heavy responsibility of fixing the impression one will have of the site. Better to succeed! Discover in this article the Salient theme for creating a multitude of sites.

What is Salient?

Salient is a technological and intuitive gem created in 2013 by the ThemeNectar offices; an American subsidiary. After a mixed start, it has managed to climb to the top of the table thanks to the positive reviews of users present in droves. This wave of popularity is fueled by the Salient Tool Network. It is a real dematerialized workshop that will allow you to model and create your website from scratch.

Salient offers you very detailed options to adjust according to your tastes. When it comes to demos, Salient is no exception, with a selection of very elaborate models.

For the sake of speed and ease, an individual will generally look to what are known as ready-made sites, or templates, in their professional site design. Often these pre-designed themes are weakly customizable, or worse, the customization comes through complex and sometimes confusing commands. Salient gets around this problem by providing a graphics model that is as flexible as it is intuitive.

The one that was developed by the agency ThemeNectar continues to receive positive feedback, earning it the 9th position in sales on the Themeforest platform. The secret of its success is undoubtedly its continuous evolution.

Indeed, Salient has gone from the leading theme of one page sites, those which gather all their information in a single page, to the versatile theme, providing a multitude of demos, intended for any site, for any thematic: catering, photography, sport, business, etc.

Why choose Salient?

It’s all well and good to brag about Salient so much, but it would be better to concretely list his options, those that allowed him to stand out from other site creation themes. Here’s what made Salient one of the most popular themes among WordPress users:

  • Design: qualified as modern, with always harmonious images and colors;
  • Performance: this theme, when it is well executed, offers a fast loading of the pages of the site;
  • Responsive design: beyond being trendy, the site will be readable on all types of screens (computers, tablets, smartphones);
  • Documentation: that the developers of this theme wanted to make more and more complete.

Added to this, more than 330 professional Templates available in the Salient studio, to use directly as is, or to mix for a unique result, which you can keep carefully in your portfolio, which also brings out the artist in you. . All for a price of $ 60, or about 52 euros, a cost deemed acceptable compared to what the Themeforest platform generally offers.

The first steps with Salient

It is important to point out that according to the majority of those who tested it, the Salient theme would be suitable for intermediate and advanced users who already have an idea formed on the WordPress software, it is not a question of being an expert, a basic knowledge is however advised.

The first action to perform is inevitably the download of the theme via the Themeforest platform. You will therefore be in possession of several data, among which we retain the Salient theme as well as its so-called child version. The latter is roughly a sub-theme containing the same features and styles of the main Salient.

The second action is to connect the Salient theme to its WordPress and activate its child version. Immediately afterwards, a blue window will appear, listing all of the in-house extensions, i.e. 9 plugins required or optional for the theme to work.

At this time, it is mandatory to activate both extensions: Salient Core and Salient WPBakery Page. The other extensions can weigh down the site and therefore slow it down, it is recommended to activate them only when necessary as for example the extension Salient Demo Importer which, as its name suggests, allows you to reach the Salient demos.

Finally, you will find that the Salient theme is added to WordPress via two menus found on the administration column. It’s up to you to discover the options!


Salient offers demos with a clean and non-graphic style, the best known being Business-3, Nonprofit, Dark Blog and Corporate2. You can view the theme demo by clicking here

The WordPress Salient theme is available for free here at our site. It also includes 6 months of updates and support access.