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How To Install A WordPress Theme:

  1. Download the theme file (.zip) via the button on this page.
  2. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  3. Navigate to Appearance > Themes in the sidebar.
  4. Click the 'Add New' button on the top of the page.
  5. Click on 'Upload Themes' on the top of the page.
  6. Choose the theme .zip file you downloaded earlier.
  7. Press the 'Install Now' button.
  8. Once installation/uploading is done, activate the Theme and you're done!
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Your portal on the theme Divi

WordPress is more and more popular. Countless websites, blogs and online stores rely on the widely used content management system. After all, it makes it easy for even beginners to build a good website. Thanks to the countless plugins and the variety of functions, it is also the first choice of many companies today when creating their own online presence.

But what would a WordPress site be without an attractive design or layout? WordPress themes are responsible for this very important design. They give the site your appearance and give it individuality through many settings and options.

Great for Multi-Purpose WordPress Sites

One of the most popular WordPress themes is the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. The template developers from USA have created a real all-rounder with the Divi Theme. Thanks to the countless and useful customization options, developers are reaching out to a very large target group with their design. Here, the buyer can not only change simple colors, but also create the whole design basically according to his personal preferences.

The Divi Theme is one of the most popular WordPress templates. Elegant Themes speaks to over 600,000 customers.

With the corresponding Divi Builder, this is easily done by drag and drop. Often the user just has to drag the website elements to the desired location and the design is done. The elegant Themes demos and examples themselves show what is possible. It’s no wonder that many website operators use this model.

The Divi constructor is of course included in the purchase price of Divi. Divi demos impressively show what can be created with the WordPress template in relation to this Builder.

Summary: What you need to know about Divi theme

I have summarized what you need to know about the popular WordPress layout before purchasing the Divi Theme.

With Divi Builder and the many theme options, Divi allows you to create a very good WordPress site with your own content.

  • Code (PHP, HTML, CSS and more) that you don’t have to edit yourself. The many modules of the Divi Theme allow you to modify the layout without any knowledge of the developers.
  • Using drag and drop, your content can be easily organized on your individual pages.
  • Thanks to quick updates, the WordPress theme is of course compatible with current versions of WordPress (currently WordPress 5.0+).
  • With Responsive Design, the Divi Theme is displayed in a responsive or optimized way on almost all mobile devices.
  • A Divi tutorial from the developer will help you get started easily.
  • The theme can be purchased with an annual or one-time fee. It can be paid by Paypal or by credit card.
  • Of course, the Divi Theme is compatible with a child theme.
  • Divi is also available in German – a good knowledge of English is therefore not necessary.
  • The theme is regularly available at a 20% discount – a voucher code is not required.
  • With the purchase of the theme, you also have access to other themes and plugins like Extra, Bloom, and Monarch.

Themes, updates and support

Along with the themes themselves and regular updates, the official support forum is also accessible to paying customers. Here the developers and a clean support team help answer many questions and troubleshoot issues. Even though it is only available in English, problems can be solved quickly even with a poor knowledge of English. After all, the Elegant Themes team does everything to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Divi Theme demos already impressively show what uses the popular Stylish Themes WordPress theme can be used for.

But even beyond this Divi Demo, many buyers have discovered their own personal use of the theme. Not only for a simple website for a small or medium-sized business, but also for an online store (e-commerce), for example, the proven WordPress template can be used intelligently.

Large layout target group

It was obviously important for the developers of Elegant Themes that their own Divi Theme attracted a large group of users. This can be seen in the countless possibilities that are made possible thanks to the theme and the corresponding Divi Builder. Depending on what you want, you can assemble the click-by-click page in just a few hours.

The good compatibility with many WordPress plugins from external providers like WooCommerce is also generally given. You can therefore create a pretty online store from the Divi Theme in no time with the previously named plugin. With good programming and even better help from the US Support Team, there are no limits to a perfect website.

Not just an installation

Particularly interesting: if you decide to buy Divi, you will not only buy a single license for a website. The buyer can use the WordPress theme on any number of domains or websites. This means that it is not possible to design a single website with this theme. The comparatively slightly higher price compared to the competition quickly pays for itself. With the competition, the respective theme can often only be installed under one domain.

Divi-themed websites

Layout Packs: thanks to predefined layouts, you can quickly create a website with Divi.

With more than 400,000 Elegant Themes customers, Divi should be found on countless websites. However, they are not all the same. The wide range of functions allows each user to customize the model according to their individual needs. It is therefore not uncommon that even experienced Divi users cannot recognize that certain websites use this model.

It is precisely this possibility of absolute individualization that makes the Divi Theme so incredibly interesting. Almost nothing is impossible with the theme, it often just takes a little creativity. With an appropriate Divi discount, you can use that creativity at a very reasonable price and create a beautiful website.

Requirements for a good model

My requirements for the WordPress theme I wanted were really huge. It should not only look good – whether on a desktop or smartphone – or load quickly (short load time), but also score points with good support from the theme developer. For me that includes timely updates, which fix bugs for example, and also good support from the developer. At that time, my personal knowledge of WordPress was not as strong as it is now. So it was obvious that sooner or later I would run into issues while using the Divi Theme.

Divi should take care of this for me personally:

  • Attractive design: the design of the website must be modern and current.
  • Easy to use: I want to be able to modify my website quickly and easily.
  • High degree of customization: the layout of my website must be customizable and stand out from the competition.
  • Fast loading time: The theme should not be too bloated.
  • Search engine optimization: the theme should be SEO optimized.
  • Regular updates: With new updates to WordPress, for example, any compatibility issues should be resolved quickly.
  • High security: Security vulnerabilities in the Divi Theme should be corrected quickly.
  • Support: For questions and problems, I would like to get good support from the developer.

I also had some ideas about search engine optimization (SEO). Besides the already mentioned fast load time which is also a ranking factor for Google, for example, correct preset name of titles or compatibility with known SEO plugins was important to me.

First impression: countless functions

Short and sweet: the first impression can be overwhelming for some people. I was also surprised at the beginning by the number of functions that the Divi Theme really has to offer. The various Divi demos have already shown in an impressive way that a lot is possible with the model, but I was surprised at how much I can really customize Divi. It also took me some time to discover and understand all the functions. Many useful features can be found later, when you have gotten used to the theme and tried some of it.

Theme settings

Divi’s settings are easily accessible and as usual via the menu in the backend of the WordPress installation. It is the command center of the popular WordPress theme. Here you can define various basic settings for the layout and the basic structure of the page. Already here the possibilities seem almost limitless and with just a few clicks you can quickly and easily customize your own website. It is therefore quite simple to give your website a clean look and stand out from the competition.

Download the Divi Theme

Convinced? The WordPress Divi theme knows how to impress quickly with all its useful functions.

The current version is free

Download this WordPress template for free here at WP Zipped!

Security updates and free support

Divi users can immediately access the latest WordPress theme update. These don’t just provide really useful functionality. In terms of safety, too, this point is definitely worth its weight in gold. After all, these updates regularly fix any security holes that have crept into WordPress, themes, or plugins. So if you really want to protect yourself from hackers, you should definitely buy the model.

In addition, support, for example in the form of the support forum or official tutorials, is only available to users who are willing to pay. Here, a friendly and knowledgeable team ensures that every question is answered and every issue can be resolved quickly. This is almost essential, especially for users who are not yet WordPress professionals. Even though the Divi Theme is pretty darn easy to use, one or the other question can quickly arise when using it.