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Divi – The Best Page Builder for WordPress

The real heart of the Divi is undoubtedly the Divi Builder. This is a WordPress plugin that belongs to Divi. Thanks to this “Pagebuilder”, comparable to its Visual Composer or Elementor counterparts, you can easily create your own website by dragging and dropping as you wish. You just need to drag the desired blocks to the right position and then you can adjust them using various parameters.

When I got started with the Divi WordPress theme, I was pleasantly surprised for a lot of reasons but if I had to remember only three, it would be these:

  • The wealth of functionalities
  • Modern and trendy design
  • Ease of use, without a line of code

You understand, DIVI is the perfect compromise between a WordPress theme that offers advanced features and an attractive design. Even if you have little idea of ​​development, your site can be attractive.

There is, however, a downside to ElegantThemes. Some people want to benefit from the features of the page Builder integrated into Divi but without having to use the Divi theme (are you following me?)

Aware of the value of their Page Builder, the Californian builder has therefore decided to decline it into a standalone plugin that we are going to study today: the Divi Builder plugin!

Divi in ​​your theme? It’s possible with Divi Builder

As I explained to you in the preamble of this article, many people appreciate the features and design of the Divi WordPress theme but they are cautious when installing it. And we can understand them when we know the main weakness of Divi, namely the massive use of shortcodes which makes migrating your site to a theme very difficult. Not very nice, right? But now, there is a solution. If you use the Divi Builder plugin, you confine the changes inside this plugin. If you change your WordPress theme, no worries. It’s better, isn’t it?

Now that we better understand the value of the Divi Builder plugin, let’s take a look at this plugin that promises to bring the power of Divi to all your WordPress themes!

For the purposes of this exercise in getting started with the Divi Builder plugin, I used the Astra WordPress theme (excellent, which you recommend), with the standard version of the Divi Builder plugin.

Configuration of the Divi Builder plugin

As with the Divi WordPress theme, the Divi Builder has a back-end interface (in the WordPress administration) and a front-end interface, where changes are made live. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for one of the two modes but be aware that 90% of users opt for the Visual Builder.

Rather than taking the detailed description of the functions of the Divi Builder plugin, I suggest you discover its use via concrete examples, which can really be of use to you. With this method, the article will have the advantage of being more concrete and can really give you insight into the positives and negatives.

Create a model with Divi Builder

By default, the plugin comes with a lot of pre-saved models, but you always have the option of creating a model yourself.

To do this, nothing could be simpler: click in the left menu, under the Settings button, in the menu named Divi. Once in this menu, click on Divi Library and you will come across a menu called Layout. From there, you can configure your model according to your tastes with all the possibilities that Divi offers.

Using a template with the Divi Builder plugin

If you are not inspired to create your page (or your personalized templates do not meet your expectations), the Divi Builder plugin includes by default a large page template library. In October 2018, the library of templates and layouts of the Divi Builder plugin included more than 75 template packs for a total of 562 layouts. (a template pack includes several layouts – for example, you have the homepage, the contact page, etc). You can use them quickly and easily.

Also be aware that ElegantThemes adds new layouts and templates packs quite regularly. Recently, the company has just added a specialized design pack for dentists. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

A small remark for those who have acquired the Divi Builder plugin in a roundabout way (I’m not necessarily talking about illegal downloads), you will need an API key to be able to use the free templates and layouts of the Divi Builder plugin.

Download the Divi page builder for free now.