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Discover our selection of free WordPress plugins for your website. These plugins are manually selected and reviewed to allow you to create the website of your dreams. The richness of the WordPress ecosystem allows us today to use a majority of free tools to create a website with professional features and design. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!

All our nulled WordPress plugins are free of nasty stuff, they’re completely clean.

WordPress extensions are created by a huge developer community. Whether an extension is offered for download free of charge or whether money is charged for it is the decision-making power of the respective developer. Often there are also two versions of a plugin, whereby the free version is limited in terms of functions so that the user can only have the full range of functions when purchasing the extension. In the following sections we will first introduce you to our top 15 free WordPress plugins.

The best source for WordPress extensions

To speak of the “best WordPress plugins 2021” is, strictly speaking, a bit difficult: Since interests and needs vary greatly from operator to operator, in most cases only one or the other of the plugins presented is relevant at all. For this reason, the independent search for suitable extensions is definitely recommended.

The aforementioned official WordPress repository, which can also be accessed directly via the content management system, is without a doubt the most important source for WordPress plugins. As with WP Zipped, every new extension is checked for functionality and trustworthiness, so that the WordPress plugin download can be classified as very secure.

How many WordPress plugins can you install?

There is no limit to the additional add-ons that can be installed for WordPress. The quantity of plugins does not necessarily have an impact on the performance of a website. So it is quite conceivable that the project will still be as fast as usual, even with a large number of extensions. Much more important than the number is the quality of the individual WordPress plugins. Under certain circumstances, even a single incorrectly programmed extension can significantly worsen performance or cause other problems.

In order to avoid such technical problems, plugins should always be chosen consciously and checked regularly for their necessity. Otherwise it can quickly happen that the overview of the installed extensions is lost – a problem that can be avoided entirely with managed WordPress hosting. With such hosting packages, you only have a fixed selection of high-quality, functional plugins available.

Where does WordPress store plugins?

The fact that the installation of new plugins is carried out directly within WordPress simplifies the expansion of the content management system enormously. Regardless of whether the respective package is found and downloaded via the integrated search or integrated via the import function – the user only has to follow the instructions of the wizard to add and activate the desired function.

The practical listing of all implemented WordPress extensions also helps with their management. The CMS also automatically classifies the installed plugins in the folder structures by placing all extensions in the wp-content / plugins folder. Language files and translations for the extensions, however, end up in the wp-content / languages ​​folder.

Install plugins carefully

There are numerous free WordPress plugins, new ones are added every day. But too many plugins lead to a confusing backend. In addition, there is a risk of unpredictable “interactions”. Incompatibility of different programs and components can quickly lead to security gaps. So you should only install plugins that you actually use on a regular basis.

Many administrative plugins can be uninstalled after a single use. With the Plugin Security Scanner you can check whether installed plugins offer security gaps.